Make advertising work for you – include a Call to Action

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It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your digital media strategy or creating artwork for print, one of the most important things to include is a Call to Action. A Call to Action or a CTA is a way to get the public to interact with your advert and as we deal with adverts on the daily, both print and digital, we thought we’d pick the sales teams’ brains and come up with a few tips for your call to action.

It’s the most important part of the ad – make sure it stands out

One way to do this is to leave as much space around the call to action as possible. This is particularly useful for digital advertising and helps it stand out against the background. Call to Actions tend to work better when placed at the bottom or on the right – think about how you read, that way you’ll follow the natural way that people read and will draw the attention.

Consider the colour

The button needs to stand out, so make sure the colour of the Call to Action contrasts well with the other colours being used in your advert. Colours are important to consider in general, red supposedly creates a sense of urgency, yellow is said to make people happy… you get the idea. However, you also want to think about who is going to be reading the ad, people with dyslexia or visual impairments will struggle with certain colour combinations. You should also avoid using brown. No one likes brown.

Choose the right text and font

When it comes to ads less is more. Particularly online. Ideally, your Call to Action should be five words or less, otherwise, it just won’t be catchy. To really stand out try to be as original as possible while also getting your point across, people react better to positive, encouraging advertising so Go and Join are great words to use, as is Now!

Wherever you are booking your ad, online or in print, don’t forget that the salesperson wants you to get the very best out of their service. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice on colours, text or anything else – they’re a pretty friendly bunch. Well… Ours are anyway!

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