Meet the team

| The Boss |

CEO and Founder 
As our founder, Tina works very closely with all our clients across all aspects of the business to ensure that they are getting the most out of their contracts.
She is continuously working to make sure that all our clients are well cared for, as well as working behind the scenes on additional benefits including award ceremonies and offering sales support to the team.

Karaoke Song: Mack the knife – Robbie Williams
Fun Fact: A professional synchronised swimmer with abnormally small feet.
Pawrent to: Dixie, Ignyte’s barketing executive, 6 alpacas, a handful of chickens and 2 rescued donkeys.

| Office Manager |

Director, Office manager,
Print and Web Sales

Zoe looks after the general day-to-day running of the office and works with Tina to continually grow the business in the best interests of our clients. She works alongside the sales team on a variety of products including FoodLover, contract publishing projects, Visit Heritage and others.

Karaoke Song: Rose Garden – Lyn Anderson
Fun Fact: Is skilled at laying concrete and once walked a lion.
Pawrent to: Brody, a Portuguese Water Dog cross who is a miracle to modern veterinary science.

| The Sales Team |

Account Manager for Visit Devon
Web sales 

Bridget works alongside Hannah looking after tourism clients on Visit Devon, as well as the annually printed guide.
Bridget focuses on the south of the county, starting with Mid Devon and working down towards the English Riviera and into Plymouth.
Bridget is not office based and is best contacted by email.
Please get in touch and we can pass on your details.

Karaoke Song: Yes Sir I Can Boogie by Baccara
Fun Fact: Once went handbag shopping with Madonna.
Pawrent to:
a very sleepy four legged sausage.

Sales Executive, Visit Heritage and Hudsons, and print sales.
Carmen works on our regular publications including our quarterly council magazines, Westfield Warbler, Midsomer Norton Life, Keynsham News and The Wheel.
She also works on publications such as Family Matters and additional print products. She also works with Julia on Visit Heritage and Hudsons.

Karaoke Song: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Fun Fact: Can fit five Jaffa Cakes in her mouth and has an obsession with Christmas.
Pawrent to: Champagne Super Nova and Cherry Pie

Sales Executive, Tourism for All.
Chloe is the account manager for Tourism for All, a website dedicated to helping those with additional access needs find attractions and accommodation providers who have the facilities they need. In addition to working on the Tourism for All website, she also supports Zoe with products like FoodLover.

Karaoke Song: Burn it to the ground – Nickleback
Fun fact: Once lost a tooth in a white chocolate cereal bar and thought it was a crunchy chocolate chip
Pawrent to: Barney the dog.

Sales Executive, Jurassic Coast Trust, Visit Devon and Visit North Devon and Exmoor
Fay is the account manager for the Jurassic Coast Trust, a website dedicated to the Jurassic Coast and the various towns and villages located along the coastline. She also works on the sales for Visit Devon and Visit North Devon and Exmoor.
Fay does hybrid work and is not always office based, so please use her direct line to get in touch with her.
Karaoke Song: Have you seen the rain – Creedance Clearwater Revival
Fun fact: I am an accomplished pianist and grow my own tomatoes
Pawrent to: No one currently but is a very good dog aunt to Brody.

Sales Executive, Visit Forest of Dean and Wye Valley
Michelle is the account manager for Visit Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.
Karaoke Song: Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer
Fun Fact: Has double jointed toes!
Pawrent to: Henry and Charley, the dogs, Issy the cat, Dilly and Dolly the Ducks and Daisy, Henrietta, One, Two and Moira the chickens

Sales Executive, Visit Heritage and Hudsons and website administrator
Julia works with Carmen and Michelle on Visit Heritage and Hudsons, doing print and web sales.
She is also part of the web team, working with them to help maintain the websites and build pages for clients.

Karaoke Song: I will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
Fun Fact: Can’t be trusted on a ski trip and knows far too much about serial killers
Pawrent to: Rigel and Nigel, the bunnies

|The digital team|
The web team at Ignyte look after a variety of websites and social media accounts, working on maintaining sites, creating content and all manner of digital services. 

Content editor.

Leah creates content for all our regular magazine publications, as well as all the websites we manage for various clients. Leah also looks after all other content including press releases, blog posts and social media content. She manages the social media for our various publications.

Karaoke Song: Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
Fun Fact: Has performed internationally and was once vomited on by a Great British Bake Off host. These two things are not linked.
Pawrent to:  a rabbit escapologist.

Website administrator. 

Kerrera works alongside Leah and Beth to maintain our various tourism websites, building web adverts and listings for customers.
She is also the the creative force behind the email marketing and newsletters that we create and manage for various clients.

Karaoke Song: Rockstar – Nickleback
Fun Fact: Once managed to grow a beetroot from aloe vera seeds and has a tendancy to warm bananas on the radiator.
Pawrent to: no one at present, but did nurse an injured pigeon back to life.

Social Media Manager / content creator.
Georgia manages a number of social media accounts for our tourism clients and writes blog posts for Coast And Country clients. She works alongside Leah, Kerrera and Beth to help maintain a digital presence for our clients and their members.

Karaoke Song: A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman (but only in the car with zero witnesses)
Fun Fact: Is still waiting for a pair of left handed scissors. 
Pawrent to:
Cooper the boxer and Merlin the cat.

Digital Marketing Assistant/content creator.
Beth works mainly with Kerrera and Georgia managing our client’s digital marketing. She manages the social media for Coast And Country and maintains the web listings for Devon products.

Karaoke Song: Shackles – Mary Mary
Fun Fact: Can do the splits
Pawrent to: Biscuits the cat.

Keeping everything ticking over is the accounts department!

Elaine works on purchase ledger across the whole Ignyte group, complementing the various account managers. Elaine works for an accounting company outside of Ignyte and visits us in the office once a week to make sure everything is as it should be!

Nic looks after sales ledger. She is part of the Ignyte team and is your first port of call for inquiries regarding payments and invoicing. She works part time and is in the office Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week.

The team are also supported by JamiePam and Gary who are freelance designers helping us put together our magazines and other printed publications.  We also have a number of freelance editors working on our printed products.
We work closely with Simpleview who develop a number of tourism websites.

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