More social networks launch Story features

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After the success Instagram saw launching their story feature, several more social media platforms have created their own versions, so whatever platform you use for your social media posts, you will now also have the chance to share stories with your audience.

For those that don’t know, Stories are posts that last a total of 24 hours and are a great way of sharing content that you don’t want to stay on your main feed, for instance, flash sales, changes to your opening hours, special offers or something fun like an office tour. They’re also a great way to tease up coming content and to share new posts on your main feed that might have been missed. The Stories style of posts are the main feature of apps like Snapchat and were introduced to Instagram and Facebook last year. Now you can also use them on Linkedin and Pinterest.

Linkedin started rolling out their version of Stories throughout September, which will allow users to show snapshots from their day. Whether or not you think something like Stories has a place on a primarily business network is up to you, but if its something you think your brand could utilise, make sure to look out for when it is available in your region. That’s not the only change you can find over on Linkedin, you might have noticed that the interface has been updated too, giving it a fresh new look.

Over on Pinterest,  they have started rolling out Story Pins. These are essentially the same as stories on other platforms, a post that uses the full screen, with short video features and options like text overlays and voice overs. The only real difference between these and the ones that you’ll find on Instagram, Facebook etc is that on Pinterest they last longer than 24 hours and stay on the main feed.

Will you be using these new features? Need a brief guide to posting Stories? Let us know and we’d be happy to help.