Using Facebook Groups as a business

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If you’ve been using Facebook to promote your business for a while, you’ll know that the algorithm is constantly changing and the way you use the platform to communicate has to constantly change too.

In today’s post, we talk about utilising Facebook groups as part of your social media strategy.

Firstly, what is it?

Groups are kind of like forums, not only can you join existing ones, but you can also create your own straight from your Facebook page. By doing this you can control exactly what is posted and it gives you a more direct audience, allowing you to create better client relationships.

Using existing groups are a good option too, as you can reach specific audiences. For instance, if you have recently opened a new branch or have started a new business entirely in a town, you can find the town’s community groups on Facebook and join them, this can give you the chance to post out your news directly to people who are connected to the town – and who doesn’t like targeted advertising?!

There are different options for Facebook groups in terms of privacy too, so you can choose between public, closed or secret groups. Public ones can be found, viewed and posted in by anyone, where as a closed group means that it can be found, but they can’t join or become a member without applying. Alternatively, you can set up secret groups, which are only visible to members. These can be a great option for engaging with B2B clients or customers that you want to maintain a more intimate relationship with.

Now you know what they are, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of using Facebook groups as part of your social media strategy.

By using groups, you can help build a community. Groups are useful in creating relationships with clients and as it is away from your main page, allows you to be a bit more friendly and fun. They’re a good place for customers to come and discuss products or services and it is also a safe space for anyone who wants to discuss services further.

As well as this, like we said, these are a great way to connect to new customers, particularly if you can find a group which is relevant to your product. For instance, if you’re running a movie merchandise company, why not join all the groups you can find that discuss films? You can then join in the conversations and put your products in front of a whole new set of people who are automatically interested in what you offer.

Groups are also a great place to talk to customers and the community without having to rely on posting on your main page. By using groups as well as your main newsfeed, you have more options when it comes to the content you’re posting and how it is posted.

Groups are also useful in the sense that they allow you to stay on top of what is going on in your industry and help you keep an eye on your competitors – which is always handy!

Are you already using Facebook groups? Or maybe you’re thinking of joining a few? Let us know!