Tips for using Linkedin as a business

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We recently talked about setting up a personal Linkedin account, but what if you want to use Linkedin for your company? Naturally, we have a company page (why not give us a follow?) so we thought we’d talk a little about the things you can do to make your company page stand out.

Linkedin is primarily for B2B connections, so it’s a great way to promote your business to other companies that could benefit from your services. You can, of course, do this through your personal page but having a company page allows you to promote the business itself. A company page is much more detailed than a personal profile and allows users to access detailed business information about your company. That way customers or potential employees can find out more about your brand in a professional capacity.

Once you’ve built a company page, start looking through your connections and use them to gain a following. You can message connections and other industry professionals to make them aware of your page. In order to attract other followers and to keep those you have interested, make sure that you are regularly posting. The content for Linkedin can be varied, use photos, videos, links… It is a great space for showcasing blogs and your website and you can be a bit more formal than you are on sites such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Videos are some of the most engaging content and they work really well on Linkedin – so keep this in mind!

So, you have your page, some of your connections are following, you’ve got some great content, what now? Well, make sure your employees are involved. Having your employees advertise the business as their job on their own profile and having them actively interacting with the posts increases your brand awareness and also gives that human element that makes platforms like Twitter and Instagram so well-loved.

What about premium?

Linkedin Premium is Linkedin’s paid-for service it offers a lot more in terms of what you can and can’t do and is a great way to find jobs and use features that aren’t available in the free version. It is something to consider, especially if you are keen to expand your business through Linkedin.

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